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The Taste of Air by Gail Cleare

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Print ISBN-13: 978-1-940215-81-5
Print ISBN-10: 1-940215-81-1
Epub ISBN: 9781536578560

Red Adept Publishing, LLC
104 Bugenfield Court
Garner, NC 27529

E-Book Edition released Sept. 22, 2016.
Paperback Edition released Dec. 1, 2016.

Editorial Reviews

"What begins to unfold from page one is a captivating story filled with mystery, suspense, love, longing and family...a poignant tale not to be missed."
~Readers' Favorite (5 STARS)

"This is that kind of book, one so real and important that it bears at least a second reading - after the first sinks in."
~Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 "Vine Voice" (5 STARS), reviewed in the San Francisco Review of Books

"One of the greatest riddles, it turns out, is a parent's real life, the one not shown to children. ...Skillful dialogue as well as brisk pacing and an effective resolution."
~Kirkus Reviews

"The book is beautifully constructed, revealing information a little at a time to keep us guessing…Cleare’s descriptions are vivid, and her story is charming…the perfect book to take along on a vacation — or peruse while sitting by the woodstove on a cool day".
~Tinky Weisblat for The Recorder

"A family saga bridging decades and filled with shocking revelations, hope and love, you won't be able put this book down." 
~Kate Moretti,  NY Times bestselling author of Thought I Knew You

"A compelling portrait of three memorable women and the unique bond that exists between mothers and daughters."
~Booked Solid (5 STARS)

"Gail Cleare's mesmerizing new novel...will make you see your own life with new eyes and leave you transformed."
Jamie Cat Callan, author of Bonjour, Happiness!

"My first thought after finishing The Taste of Air was that this was an incredibly satisfying novel. "

~Bibliotica (5 STARS)


When Mary Reilly turns up in a hospital hundreds of miles from the senior community where she lives, Nell and Bridget discover their mother has been hiding a second life. She has a lakeside cottage in Vermont and a series of complex relationships with people her daughters have never met. The family drama leads back to the middle of the 20th century and knits together all three women, the sacrifices they've made and the secrets they carry.

Nell is a carpool mom and corporate trophy wife who yearns for a life of her own. Bridget is a glamorous interior designer who transforms herself for every new man, always attracted to the bad ones. Their mother Mary was an army nurse in the Vietnam War, then married handsome navy pilot Thomas Reilly and lived happily ever after…or did she?



USA Today Bestseller List 1/16/17: #122


USA Today Bestseller List 9/7/17: #103


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Reader's Favorite Book Award Winner,
Silver Medal for Women's Fiction


Gail Cleare has written for newspapers, magazines, Fortune 50 companies and AOL. Her award-winning ad agency represented the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She was the turtle Leonardo's date for the world premiere of the second TMNT movie, and got to wear a black evening gown and sparkly shoes.

Gail lives on an 18th century farm in Massachusetts with her family and dogs, cats, chickens, black bears, blue herons, rushing streams and wide, windy skies. She's into organic gardening and nature photography, and can often be found stalking wild creatures with a 300 mm lens.

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